• Rutherfurd Hall (map)
  • Allamuchy, NJ

An eccentric preacher, a star-gazing lawyer, a mysterious servant girl, and some wayward wildlife are the stars of The Sea of Tranquility, a play set across many centuries of New Jersey’s folkloric history and performed for the grand rooms of Rutherfurd Hall. When the audience steps through the doors, we all become ghosts in a place where day and night, springtime and autumn, the 1940s and the 1490s all happen at once. A cast of musicians, dancers and theater-makers use antique modes of storytelling, such as the newspaper column, the radio drama, the illustrated scientific lecture and yes, live theater, to unveil tales from obtuse angles. The Sea of Tranquility is a play where walls have ears, panthers speak their minds, and young women defy gravity to take us beyond the stratosphere and dance softly upon the surface of the moon