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One Way Red

Next stop:
M A R S !


One Way Red

Next stop:
M A R S !



WED SEP 21 • 7:30 PM
THU SEP 22 • 7:30 PM
FRI SEP 23 • 7:30 PM
SAT SEP 24 • 7:30 PM
SUN SEP 25 • 2 PM & 6 PM

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Created, conceived, and performed by Dani Solomon
Co-created and directed by Mason Rosenthal

Philly Fringe Festival edition features solo acts by Paloma Irizarry, Monica Wiles, Jensen Titus Lavallee, Kevin Meehan, and Eppchez!

Design direction by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Cotsumes and special effects by Rebecca Kanach
With installations by Rachel Adler, Alex Binder, Taryn Jones,Eli Preston, Gwendolyn Rooker, and Suzy Varin

A young woman applies for a seat on the first ever rocket to Mars. If accepted, she'll take the one-way ticket in hopes of establishing a colony on the Red Planet. While the whole world is watching, half of it is laughing at the project's logistic, scientific, and sociopathic flaws. Meanwhile our hero insists that this one-way mission is neither folly nor fantasy, but the next great phase for humanity, and that she has the right stuff to lead our race to the stars. Is it ignorance, stubbornness, or want of attention that propels her? Or perhaps the pull of those same heart strings that have always spurred stargazers and scientists to leap into the unknown? 

ONE WAY RED is Dani Solomon's one-woman show based on the project proposed by Mars One to send civilian applicants on a one-way mission to Mars. A short version of the piece debuted at the 2016 SoLow Festival. This new iteration, directed by Mason Rosenthal, features a series of immersive 5-minute installation performances designed for the studios of the Panorama Artists Collective in Southwest Philly.

"Dani Solomon’s ONE WAY RED, a 40-minute sojourn to Mars, is inspired by testimonials from folks who are seriously vying for a one way ticket to go to the red planet. Solomon’s beautifully expressive tale begins with the business of prioritizing what to pack for space, as she relates her character’s historical sense of destiny towards that 'planet of superlatives' with endearing enthusiasm. Moments of comedy and music make the surreal decision to travel so far away, forever, all the more poignant." —Phindie

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A solo show about vampires,
vision loss, and ice cream.



A solo show about vampires,
vision loss, and ice cream.

Now booking for 2016-2017. Click the button to set up a show ⫸

The Medium Theatre Company presents CONES, a solo show about vampires, vision loss, and ice cream. A blindfolded boy spills secrets about bright lights, bad cartoons, and learning how to be a vampire. But when a team of eye doctors, gym coaches, powerful sorcerers, and potential mates try to pry his eyes open, what will he see? The answer may be in the ice cream. And the ice cream will certainly be served in CONES.

CONES is written, designed and performed by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews, co-created and  directed by Mason Rosenthal. Jenna Spitz is the project's photographer. The show debuted at Philadelphia's 2015 SoLow Festival and is getting ready to tour the U.S.

Hear coverage of CONES on WHYY's The Pulse

Hear a full interview with Morgan on WGDR 

Visit our blog of research behind the show ⫸


Support CONES

CONES showing history:

Full Showings:
• Jun 19-23, 2015: Premiere at The Rotunda, Philadelphia
 Dec 6, 2015: Live filming at The Rotunda, Philadelphia
• Jul 20, 2016: Camp Common Ground, Starksboro, VT
• Jul 23, 2016: Goddard College Haybarn Theater, Plainfield, VT
• Sep 29, 2016: Matinee at the Rotunda, Philadelphia

Partial Showings:
• Mar 2015 at Mascher Space, Philadelphia, with Almanac Dance Circus Theatre
• Apr 2015 at the Rotunda, Philadelphia, with the Binge Culture Collective from New Zealand
• Jun 2015 at Fringe Arts Scratch Night in Philadelphia
• Jul 2015 at Goddard College, Vermont
• Nov 2015 at Temple University, Philadelphia

CONES is supported by:

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Nobody's Home

A multi-sensory meditation-comedy performed for
extraordinary audiences in ordinary bedrooms.


Nobody's Home

A multi-sensory meditation-comedy performed for
extraordinary audiences in ordinary bedrooms.

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Nobody's Home includes some food and drink. See our ingredients list if you have any allergies or aversions:

Click here to see The Pittsburgh Tribune's article about Nobody's Home.

And listen to Rep Radio's interview with Mason and Morgan about Nobody's Home.

Appearing in two Philadelphia homes Feb 13+14. Make your reservations now ➔

A mysterious voice, a shadowy owl, platters of strange fruit, surprise special guests, hot oil massages, and a coyote all become bedfellows in Nobody’s Home, a multi-sensory meditation-comedy on the nature of nothing, performed for extraordinary audiences in ordinary bedrooms.

Written by Mason Rosenthal and Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Starring Mason Rosenthal as Nobody
Direction, set, and owl sounds by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Original music by Jonathan Pfeffer
Costumes by Rebecca Kanach, logo by Kylin Metler
Choreography by Chelsea Murphy and Magda San Millan

Nobody's Home premiered in a bedroom above Headlong Studios in South Philadelphia as part of the 2013 SoLow Festival and has been performed 55 times at 45 locations in 12 cities around the U.S., including at the New Orleans Fringe Festival where audiences experienced it onboard an RV.

Current status: Ready to come your way upon request.

Complete List of Showings:


Jun 26-30: Premiere at SoLow Fest in Mason's Former Home above Headlong Studios, Philadelphia
Nov 9: James House, Haverford College
Nov 11: Crane Arts, Philadelphia, excerpt as part of the "No Sleep Till NOLA" showcase
Nov 16: "Nobody's Mobile Home" on board an RV parked in front of Alice's Home, Philadelphia
Nov 20-24: "Nobody's Mobile Home" on board an RV at the New Orleans Fringe Festival
Nov 30-Dec 1: The Rosenthals' Home, Skokie, IL


Jan 17-23: Philadelphia II: 7-Home Tour
Feb 13-14: Washington DC: 2 homes
Feb 15-16: Baltimore: 2 homes
Feb 24: New York University
Feb 25-28: Brooklyn: 4 homes
Mar 1-2: Rutherfurd Hall, Allamuchy, NJ
Mar 28-30: Pittsburgh: 3 homes
Jun 14-15: Philadelphia III: Pedro's Home
Oct 12-13 Brooklyn II: 2 homes
Oct 14: Cambridge
Oct 15: Nantucket
Oct 16: Boston
Oct 17-18: Providence: 2 homes
Oct 20: Roger Williams University
Dec 4: The Night Kitchen, Philadelphia


Jan 20-Feb 14: Philadelphia IV: 2 homes


Feb 13-14: Philadelphia V: 2 homes

Read more about Nobody's Home ➔