• Philadelphia, PA
  • United States

Confirmed Dates and Locations:

  • SAT DEC 20, 2014: West Philly
  • SUN JAN 4, 2015: Germantown
  • SAT FEB 14, West Philly
  • HOST YOUR OWN—Scroll down to learn more about hosting Nobody in your home!

Enjoy dark chocolate on a moonlit beach, search for fruit in the middle of nowhere, and prepare that trip to the planet Neptune with all of your friends when you see Nobody’s Home, the meditation-comedy that’s been performed in over 50 bedrooms around the country. This interactive one-man variety show stars Mason Rosenthal as a personality named Nobody, who serves the audience guided meditations, hand-shadow fables, sweet tea and foot rubs, until his harmonious world gets poked at by a flock of ornery birds, rival celebrity guests, and that mischievous voice inside his own head. Nobody's Home is an event not to be missed—Nobody does it better!

Praise from people who have invited Nobody into their homes:

"Nobody's Home transformed an empty house museum room into a set for a play in an afternoon; Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews and Mason Rosenthal, with a theater set in a suitcase, both confounded and enlightened our audiences. It's a journey to find nothing in nobody, which in turn defines everyone." 

—Amy Hufnagel, Artist and Museum Educator, Olana, NY

"Having Nobody in our home was an amazing experience. It felt like the audience was given a little gift every few minutes, and we were all along for a creative and spontaneous ride."

—Julie Lipson, Music Therapist and Musician, Philadelphia, PA

"Hosting Nobody's Home in my home was a delight! Not only did we welcome a vast array of characters into our living space, but we shared an intimate evening of art that was truly unique. I could not have been more pleased hosting Nobody and the folks who came to see him." 

—Katie Croyle, Actor, Philadelphia, PA

"One of the most amazing pieces of live theater I have ever seen happened in my bedroom; gentle, challenging, bizarre, and hilarious all at the same time. Morgan and Mason cleaned up my room right after the show and made delicious popcorn. Host this play, I was so glad that I did!"

—Savannah Reich, Playwright, Pittsburgh, PA

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