• The Rotunda (map)
  • 4014 Walnut St
  • Philadelphia, PA

If we’ve done our math correctly, 2012's last day of November and the first of December will be Puppet Uprising’s 13th Annual Year-End Cabaret. Acts featured include cross-dressing Spanish love songs by UPHOLSTERY CON PAPOS, cardboard romances by FLYING DONKEY PUPPET TROUPE, a disembodied meditation by the MEDIUM THEATRE COMPANY, the self-explanatory antics of MR. & MRS MAGOO'S TRAVELING TRASH PUPPET CIRCUS, and an annual visit from alien instrument-maker the GREAT QUENTINI. Also, in the spirit of Puppet Uprising’s radical roots, artists from OCCUPY WALL STREET come down from NYC to grace us with some news-of-the-day styled performance around relief from Hurricane Sandy, and New Orleanean hula-hooper extraordinaire MARY-GO-ROUND invites you to try your hand at a life-size game of ring-toss. All that, and Clint Eastwood doing stand-up comedy too.