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Meet the Mediums is an impossible comedy about a family of fortune-tellers, time-wrinklers and spiritualists, or—more accurately—mediums, who live an eccentric life in the tumultuous 1930s.  There’s Ms. McMedium, a savvy suffragette who channels her clairvoyant abilities from ordinary newspapers; her husband, Mr. Medium, a quarterback savant that’s unaware of what’s going on at the present moment but always knows what will happen 20 seconds into the future; The Medium Sisters, twin philosopher musicians who speak with the spirits but haven’t spoken to each other in 17 years; and then there’s Junior, that feckless weak-chinned boy—will he ever amount to anything besides his constant sniveling and skulking?  Perhaps he just needs some rousing words from President Roosevelt…or maybe a girlfriend.  But what will happen when a guitar-toting stranger’s car breaks down near the Medium Mansion?  Or when the professor of paranormality pops in to play the ukulele?  Or when a mysterious voice inside your head warns you not to move the chewing gum from its hiding place beneath the divan—you’d better do what it says, hadn’t you?  These questions, and so many more, shall be asked—and maybe even answered—in Meet the Mediums.

Starring Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews, Dorie Byrne, Sarah Gladwin Camp, Dana Haberern, Kimya Imani Jackson, Mason Rosenthal and Travis Sehorn. Production and stage management by Amy Capomacchio, costumes by Rebecca Kanach, music direction by Dorie Byrne. Written and directed by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews and the Mediums with production help from Amy Hufnagel.

Meet the Mediums premiered at Rutherfurd Hall in March of 2013. An excerpt was featured in May of 2013 at Goddard College's Alternative Media Conference.

Current status: Being reimagined as a musical.

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