Plate 3 Photography

Plate 3 Photography


Created, conceived, and performed by Dani Solomon
Co-created and directed by Mason Rosenthal

Philly Fringe Festival edition features solo acts by Paloma Irizarry, Monica Wiles, Jensen Titus Lavallee, Kevin Meehan, and Eppchez!

Design direction by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Cotsumes and special effects by Rebecca Kanach
With installations by Rachel Adler, Eli Avenue, Alex Binder, Taryn Jones, Gwendolyn Rooker, and Suzy Varin

A young woman applies for a seat on the first ever rocket to Mars. If accepted, she'll take the one-way ticket in hopes of establishing a colony on the Red Planet. While the whole world is watching, half of it is laughing at the project's logistic, scientific, and sociopathic flaws. Meanwhile our hero insists that this one-way mission is neither folly nor fantasy, but the next great phase for humanity, and that she has the right stuff to lead our race to the stars. Is it ignorance, stubbornness, or want of attention that propels her? Or perhaps the pull of those same heart strings that have always spurred stargazers and scientists to leap into the unknown? 

ONE WAY RED is Dani Solomon's one-woman show based on the project proposed by Mars One to send civilian applicants on a one-way mission to Mars. A short version of the piece debuted at the 2016 SoLow Festival. This new iteration, directed by Mason Rosenthal, features a series of immersive 5-minute installation performances designed for the studios of the Panorama Artists Collective in Southwest Philly.

"Dani Solomon’s ONE WAY RED, a 40-minute sojourn to Mars, is inspired by testimonials from folks who are seriously vying for a one way ticket to go to the red planet. Solomon’s beautifully expressive tale begins with the business of prioritizing what to pack for space, as she relates her character’s historical sense of destiny towards that 'planet of superlatives' with endearing enthusiasm. Moments of comedy and music make the surreal decision to travel so far away, forever, all the more poignant." —Phindie

This project was made possible by funding from Project Stream, a grant initiative of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts that is regionally administered by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. 

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