tone |tōn|➔

Music: A sound of distinct pitch, timbre, strength, and duration; a note.
Mood: The general character, attitude or atmosphere of a place, piece of writing, situation, etc.
Phonetics: The pitch of a word or phrase used to distinguish differences in meaning.
Color: The effect of brightness, deepness, hue and intensity on a particular tint or shade.
Physiology: The normal level of firmness in a muscle, tissue or organ of the body.

12 tones

Over a one year cycle the Mediums will work on a collaborative assignment  with 12 composers, one per month, each evoking a particular tone through music and mood in two ways: first, by composing a short score for a group of vocalists who will also add movement to it; second, by basing an instrumental work off of that vocal work. After a year of monthly compositions, each yielding two performed arrangements, we arrive at 12 compositions, each with a distinct sound, mood and color—12 Tones.

UPDATE: The Mediums held a workshop series for its Triptych projects (6 Chairs, 8 Moves and 12 Tones) in the fall of 2014 before shelving these projects in order to work on CONES. Here are video excerpts from the first two 12 Tones workshops: