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Come see a roster of Philly’s most talented artists perform new material from shows they are working on in this fast-paced sampling of contemporary theater, dance, performance art, and everything in between. This Scratch Night highlights work from the upcoming SoLow Festival including a short peek at the new Medium Theatre piece, CONES.


The Long Tides by Nicole Quenelle
In an excerpt from an initial workshop, The Long Tides features a solo artist exploring questions about the relationship between love and time, with work as her backup singer. It’s two parts clown to one part melodrama, not necessarily in that order. It’s a misrouted love letter and a never-ending voicemail. It’s a cookie-cutter romance lost to the bottom of the sea. In development Spring/Summer 2015, premiering Fall 2015.

Out At Sea by BOMAAS
In this absurd comedy, three castaways – Fat, Medium, and Thin – stranded at sea with no food, argue about which one the other two should eat. Image by Sławomir Mrożek

One Way Red by Dani Solomon
One hundred citizens of Earth vie for a position in the first colony on Mars, but there are only 4 spots. Inspired by the true stories of those who would give anything for a one-way ticket to the red planet, One Way Red is an exploration of bravery, naivete, folk-singing, reality television and the ubiquitous search for “something else out there” amidst the creeping fog of boredom and loneliness. One Way Red will be shown in a double billing with John Cherney’s Human and Autisman as part of SoLow Fest 2015. 

CONES: a solo show about vampires, vision loss, and ice cream by The Medium Theatre Company/Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
A blindfolded boy spills secrets about eating cereal, wearing capes, avoiding bright lights and learning how to fly. When a team of eye doctors, glam rockers and new-age healers try to pry his eyes open, what will he see? Find out in CONES, a solo show about vampires, vision loss, and ice cream, created by two Philly theatre artists who both happen to be visually impaired. Image by Jenna Spitz.

Elvis has left the building. by Sean Thomas Boyt
“Elvis has left the building.” is a work-in-progress built around obsession, endurance, and perseverance while incorporating jazzy gestures, contemporary choreography, memorable text, improvisation, and some bear drag. Beginning as a rhythmic non-stop dance costumed in heels and a dress, “Elvis” quickly shifts gears with an athletic romp in sweats, a dance-worthy beat, and esoteric hand gestures, only later ending with a passage of text. As I continue to present and investigate this dance-theater solo, I am interested in finding and developing the most integral kernels into a complete work. 

60 minutes
FREE / Suggested Donation