A feat not to be missed . . .
or just a lot of hot air?

From The Crlimson Gazetteer, February 19, 1938

The infamously unusual Medium family has announced that on Friday, the 1st of March, they will reveal their latest and greatest show to the public.  This new act will feature the first performance by the never before seen Junior Medium, who is said to set objects ablaze with only the power of his mind and his burning ambition.

The family of supernaturals has come under criticism lately. One personal friend of the family (who would like to remain nameless) has said, "As a frequent guest of the Medium family, Junior has not to my knowledge successfully set anything on fire ever. He has on several occasions however turned bright red where upon I thought he might spontaneously combust from sheer concentration."

We citizens of Allamuchy eagerly, if not skeptically, anticipate this young Medium’s new extraordinary feat