Hannah De Keijzer,  Hall of Haunts ,  October 2012 Mask by Ryan Kelly, Photo by Amy Hufnagel

Hannah De Keijzer, Hall of Haunts,  October 2012
Mask by Ryan Kelly, Photo by Amy Hufnagel

The Medium Theatre Company

is a Philadelphia based collaborative of performers and artists who devise work for specific spaces.  We use the given space as a starting point for revealing a story based on that space's history in relation to the present moment.  Once the idea is solidified, we improvise on it, creating images, movements, sounds and words. Everyone does a little bit of everything: actors take up dancing, dancers play musical instruments, musicians assume character roles, and all put in whatever technical know-how they have to create the play.  Once set in the space for which it was intended, the audience adds the final ingredient and our work as mediums is fulfilled.

Dana Haberern  as Aurora Medium in    Meet the Mediums

Dana Haberern as Aurora Medium in Meet the Mediums

Meet the Mediums is the third production to be performed by the Medium Theatre Company at Rutherfurd Hall.  The Mediums’ first, The Sea of Tranquility, united characters from local history and folklore to unveil stories from multiple angles using physical theatre, illustrated lecture, music, dance and film.  The Mediums’ second, The Hall of Haunts, guided small audiences on tours through an institute of eerie occurrences to interact with various spiritualists and pseudo-scientists within each of their own environs.  This third play, Meet the Mediums, brings all of these ideas together for an interactive spectacle that rumples the newsprint of time, space, media and our relationship to all.