The Hall of Haunts is the Mediums' October collaboration with Rutherfurd Hall. Every autumn we devise a series of short interactive solo and duo performances, each based on historic or folkloric figures. Part haunted house, part poly-sensory psychodrama, the Hall of Haunts takes groups of 20 people through the mansion every 20 minutes on the weekend before Halloween.

Current status: Available for commission. Individual pieces have been performed elsewhere in NJ and Philadelphia. 

Past Halls of Haunts

2016's "Hall of Haunts V: RED PLANET" led by tour guides Annie (Alanna Bozman), Charlotte (Dani Soloman), Harv (Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews), and Rupert (Mason Rosenthal) through 9 scenes:
1. The Gallery where the tour is interrupted by an emergency alert.
2. The Ballroom where we said hello (and goodbye) to Randy (Kevin Meehan).
3. The Second Floor where Betty (Paloma Irizarry) surprised us more than once.
4. Ringside where Mars, God of War (Elizabeth Weinstein) fought everything he hated on this Pale Blue Dot.
5. Wormholes and time loops...wormholes and time loops.
6. Quarantine and a brief check-up from Nurse Jackie (Rebecca Kanach).
7. Shag Carpet Room where Stephanie (Lily Kind) was last seen.
8. Martian Landscape and an invitation from a mysterious alien (Eppchez!) to smell a beautiful flower.
9. Rutherfurd's Crater where we're reunited with our old friend, Lewis Morris Rutherfurd (Mal Cherifi).

Conceived, created, and designed by the cast, with costumes by Rebecca Kanach, sound by Mason Rosenthal, Martian landscape set by Suzy Varin. Parts of RED PLANET previously appeared in ONE WAY RED, the Mediums show at the 2016 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

2015's "Hall of Haunts IV: THE GAUNTLET" in 8 acts:
1. The Waiting Room in which Gene questions are asked.
2. The Tub, where rules are read and the audience chooses their favorite contestant to be their Guide.
3. Two Doors lead to safety and doom for that Guide.
4. The Web that contains a potential new Guide, should you choose to free them.
5. Chairs and a monster that wants to sit in one.
6. One Box, Two Locks, and Three Keys are the ingredients to a puzzle of encryption.
7. Mirrors mask the faces of some hooded figures and their mysterious leader.
8. The Verdict: Did we win or lose? And what will happen to our Guide?
Elements conceived and directed by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews, Daniel Park, Mason Rosenthal and Elizabeth Weinstein.
Created with Alanna Bozman, Mal Cherifi, Dana Haberern, Paloma Irizarry, Austin Kelley, Eliza Leighton, Eli Preston, Dani Solomon and Monica Wiles.
Costume help from Rebecca Kanach.

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2014's "Hall of Haunts III: ALCHEMY!" in 6 acts:
1. Persephone Proserpina (Dana Haberern, Liz Hollon, Lee Minora or Elizabeth Weinstein) introduces prospective students to the Allamuchy Alchemy Academy, explains the First Law of Alchemy and asks  for help with her project of sororal reanimation. 
2. We obtain the recipe for our project and its first ingredient from Tiresius (Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews), the reader without eyes whose project is to read every book in order to determine the Laws of the Universe. 
3. We steal the second ingredient from Labraid (Sebastian Cummings), the clocksmith without hands who wants to stop Time by removing the hands from all the world's clocks.
4. Kalika (Dani Solomon), the inquisitor without a tongue presents us with cryptic puzzles, one of which yields the third ingredient.
5. We make a deal with Vincent R. Abbot, a human-eating rabbit (played by himself, voiced by Mason Rosenthal) to obtain our fourth ingredient.
6. Persephone provides the final ingredient to complete the experiemnet, only to begin it all over again.
Conceived and written by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Directed by Mason Rosenthal
Costumes by Rebecca Kanach
Sound design by Jonathan Pfeffer
Hallway denizens: Rebecca Kanach, Calia Marshal, Jonathan Pfeffer

See program notes on Alchemy ➔

2013's "Hall of Haunts: LYCANTHROPY" in 6 acts:
1. Magdalena San Millan and Chelsea Murphy as two nuns and former residents of the hall, assisted by the long-eared Vincent R. Abbot.
2. Dana Haberern as the Reverse Little Mermaid assisted by her pet beta fish.
3. Mason Rosenthal as Victor the Wild Boy, assisted by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews in the role of Dr. P.T. Smilgrim.
4. Xtn Hansen's painted ladies, an installation of latex-dipped Barbie dolls.
5. Marcia Ferguson as the bird-witch Baba Yaga, trapped in her cage.
6. Ruby L.L. Voyager hosting a banquet as Venison Berry, half deer, half dear.
Orderlies: Xtn Hansen, Rebecca Kanach, Ky Metler.
Costumes by Rebecca Kanach.

2012's "Hall of Haunts I: THE INSTITUTE OF EERIE OCCURRENCES" in 5 acts:
1. Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews as professor M.C. Marsh and his Sense-O-Scope.
2. Brian Ratcliffe as Dr. Rutherford (no relation) with his radioactive elements and pills of sour sweetness.
3. Dana Haberern as Pearl, the girl in the attic, held captive by the jealous ghost in her radio.
4. Kimya Imani Jackson as the witch in her kitchen, with magic spells and strange fruit.
5. Mason Rosenthal as Nobody (who would later star in Nobody's Home), with Hannah de Kaijzer (pictured) as Nobody's Body.
Orderlies: Sarah Gladwin Camp, Amy Capomacchio, Xtn Hansen.
Nobody's head created by Ryan Kelly.
The characters and ideas in 2012's Hall of Haunts were used as studies for the Mediums' next play, Meet the Mediums.

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