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Greetings! Welcome to the Medium Theatre Company's online counterpart, known colloquially as "". The Mediums formed to make our first play, The Sea of Tranquility, in early 2011. Now nearly 2 years and 5 plays later, we've mustered up the gusto to rent an apartment on the internet.

If you've seen our stuff at Rutherfurd Hall, or the various cabaret acts we've performed  at The Rotunda, you may have expected something more old-fashioned, but it's hard to find authentic Victorian-era sites on the web these days. Sure, we could have rehabbed something to make it look like a vintage website from the 19th century, but opted instead for more modern furnishings, complete with parallax scrolling and san-serif headings.

Every theatre artist who makes a website does so for one reason: to facilitate your coming out to see our work. Click on the upcoming tab to see where and when our plays are playing, or click about and scroll down to find out how we can come haunt your space or even make original work for it. Our goal with this site is to provide the essentials: not too much, nor too little, but that Goldilocks zone known as medium.

Admittedly, this is not our first foray out into the internets. We took a little dip in the blogpond last February to provide supplemental material for Meet the Mediums. Scroll down and you may see some of that replicated here.

Happy perusing, and please express your like for us. We like you too.

The Medium Theatre Company