Some guest stars at our 2015 Valentines show—Can you spot the impostor? 

Whatever the season, we Mediums are game to celebrate the holidays. For three Octobers, company director Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews has led 70+ runs of our Halloween series in New Jersey, and this year we seek to expand that into Philadelphia. Also, we've just established an annual Valentine's tradition in Nobody's Home.


What began as Mason Rosenthal's desire to host a play in his tiny South Philly bedroom for the 2013 SoLow Festival has exploded into an ongoing tour to a dozen cities with over 50 performances in bedrooms, kitchens, classrooms, and on board a roving mobile home at the NOLA Fringe. This meta one-man show, about a one-man show that goes a little awry, invites all sorts of things to actually go wrong: microphones and lights might combust, set pieces probably fall apart, audience members always get a little awkward or a bit too frisky, while cats, dogs and very small children sometimes steal the show—yet that is the show. We're not too sure when Nobody will come round again, but anybody can always invite Nobody somewhere anytime, and Nobody's taking offers for next Valentine's Day.


Now we flip the script: Mason will direct Morgan in a new solo show called CONES, the debut of which will be at this year's SoLow Festival. To get a taste of what the show will be about, take a look at Morgan and Mason's blog around the project. We'd love your input. And yes, there will be ice cream.