CONES, the solo show about vampires, vision loss, and ice cream, soon premieres at the 2015 SoLow Fest here in Philadelphia. We've offered some peeks at the piece as it develops through workshops, short showings and an extensive blog, and WHYY just ran a 5-minute story about the show. CONES subject matter has been tricky: When you're a vampire, a big part of your identity is hiding that identity, or passing as a mortal. So it goes with being visually impaired and wanting to live your life as a fully-sighted person. And ice cream, well, it just can't last forever. But we've got some help with that...

Baby's on Board

The Mediums team up with Little Baby's Ice Cream who will be serving up their cones at CONES. We are currently in negotiation around flavors, so weigh in: Chocolate or vanilla? Blueberry of lychee? Strawberry pink peppercorn or lime toasted coconut?

Other Projects

Our website just got a tweak to facilitate your seeing where we've been and what's on the horizon. Mason recently wrapped up a huge project with his other theatre company Lightning Rod Special and is working on something new to take to the Edinburgh Fringe. After CONES opens, Morgan is organizing a project in South Philly with Philadelphia Theatre of the Oppressed and heading up to teach in Vermont. The Mediums reconvene in the fall for our annual Hall of Haunts, which—after 3 years in a New Jersey mansion—will have its Philly debut. And as always, we are taking invitations to stage Nobody's Home in your home. Interested? Get in touch.

Listen to coverage of CONES on WHYY's The Pulse