"Why are we afraid of ghosts?”

Ghost Vortex

Nobody Knows features the voice of Nobody, with sound design by Somebody. Questions on this episode asked by Sarah Chemlawn, Dani Solomon, Aditya Bhattacharjee, Michelle Shafer, Eli Nioxn, Maggie Cleveland, Jared Taber, T.J. McGlinchey, Stephanie Sutkowski, and Matt Pakulski.

Music on this episode includes the accordions of Kamil Behounek and Parush Parushev, plus the vocal stylings of the Five Jones Boys, all recorded in the 1930s. Jonathan Pfeffer provided the eerie organ music, and the community at freesound.org furnished some spooky sounds. Nobody ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Somebody ain’t afraid of no double negatives.

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