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Here is where you can send questions to Nobody Knows, the Q&A podcast hosted by our spiritualist-in-residence named Nobody:

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Dear Nobody,

After a two-year hiatus the Mediums have revived the title character from Nobody's Home for an entirely new project. Nobody Knows  launched as a daily podcast in January 2018 with each 5-minute episode centered around a question sent in by its listeners. As we switch from a daily to a weekly format, Nobody still wants your questions—Is there something that you'd like to ask Nobody? Send us your question using this form. You can send as many as you like. Include your phone number, as Nobody may want to record audio of you asking your question.

This new Nobody project will premiere at the annual Fun-A-Day art show on February 16th and 17th at Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave. in Philadelphia. More details coming soon.

A little background on Nobody's Home: Mason Rosenthal first developed a character based on the voice and teachings of Eckhart Tolle for the 2012 Fringe show Mining the Mine of the Mind for Minderals with Megan Mazarick. Mason then took that character and adapted it for two plays in Rutherfurd Hall: Hall of Haunts (2012) and Meet the Mediums (2013), both directed by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews and co-created with members of the Medium Theatre Company. Mason and Morgan used these plays to develop "Nobody" as Mason's alter-ego for Nobody's Home. Originally made for the 2013 SoLow Festival and staged in Mason's own 10'x10' South Philly bedroom, Nobody's Home grew into an hour-long meditation-comedy that's since played more than 60 times in 50 actual bedrooms in a dozen cities around the U.S.

Nobody looks forward to continuing this collaboration and your role in it. Nobody thanks you. Very much.