"Why is the third time the charm?"


Nobody Knows features the voice of Nobody, with sound design by Somebody.

This episode's questions were asked and recorded by Danny Leo, Michele Rosenthal, Morgão Papelão, Amy Smith, Heather Houde, Loren Groenendaal, Heidi Kay, Sharon Wasko, Alanna Bozman, Lizzie Burrows, TJ McGlinchey, and Sasha Wright. Ariel Ben Amos chose this episode's number.

"Ein, Zwei, Drei und Vier (Glücklich Bin Ich Nur Mit Dir)" written by the Comedian Harmonists and recorded here by Fred Bird in 1932. Gamelan music performed by the Gong of Belaluan in 1928. "Auld Lang Syne" recorded by Japan's Imperial Navy Concert Band in 1910. Somebody knows the rest.

Julius Masri neither recorded a question nor any music for this episode, but has plenty of both questions and music. Thanks to Jonathan Pfeffer for ringing our bell, and to the late Bob Dorough for doing the math.

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