The Medium Theatre Company came together in Philadelphia as a group of  artists with backgrounds in music, dance, theatre, puppetry and design, all eager to work interdisciplinarily. In March of 2012 a 7-member ensemble debuted The Sea of Tranquility, a site-specific play commissioned by Rutherfurd Hall in Allamuchy, New Jersey. The company has since returned as an dozen-person ensemble to perform other original plays and an annual Halloween show in the Rutherfurd mansion.

In 2015 the Mediums premiered their Halloween show in Philadelphia and are currently touring two solo shows: a stage performance called CONES, and the bedroom play Nobody's Home.  In 2016 the company will explore some new directions and take on commissions for new site-specific works—Stay tuned!

Medium Theatre Company Bios


Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews was a noisemaker, radio personality, vegan chef, and visual artist for the revolution before committing himself to theatre in 1999. He’s since toured his shows around three continents and curated hundreds of events for an international network of do-it-yourself theatre-makers at venues and festivals in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Vermont and Brazil. He's worked steadily with the Bread & Puppet Theater, Great Small Works, Beth Nixon, Erik Ruin, and founded Phildelphia Theatre of the Oppressed after training at TOPLAB in New York and India's Jana Sanskriti movement. Morgan's writing and artwork appeared in books with titles like Realizing the Impossible (AK Press, 2007) and Celebrate People's History (Feminist Press, 2009) before he earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College for which Cones was his practicum project. Morgan lives in West Philly where he leads anti-oppression workshops, teaches yoga, and and plays percussion in a radical marching band. He founded the Medium Theatre Company in 2012 as a means to mix these diverse disciplines and assuage the hunger of a growing (or is that growling?) cult of fans. 

Mason Rosenthal is an original performance maker, actor, director, dancer, and teacher from Skokie, Illinois. He is a co-director of Lightning Rod Special and a member of The Medium Theatre Companyboth based out of Philadelphia. Mason holds a BFA in Drama from New York University where he studied with The Atlantic Theater Company Acting School. He's studied improvisational dance and pedagogical techniques with his mentor George Russell since 2006 and was on faculty at The Atlantic from 2007 to 2011. In 2011 he moved to Philadelphia to be the Headlong Performance Institute's first teaching fellow. His original work has been supported byFringeArts as a 2012-2013 LAB fellow, The University of PennsylvaniaHaverford CollegeRoger Williams UniversityWyncote Foundation, and by the Network of Ensemble Theaters. Oh, and despite what some other people might say sometimes, Mason is definitely not lazy.

Dani Solomon is a Philadelphia devised theater maker, performer, writer, director, and  member of both the Mediums and Thespionage Theatre Company. She's worked with Lightning Rod Special, Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, 14th Street, and the Institute for Pschyogeographic Adventure. She received BAs from Colgate University for physics and theater where she was mentored by Christian DuComb and Simona Giurgea. Dani went on to train at the Headlong Performance Institute in 2013. Her work has been produced at Colgate University, the SoLow Festival, and the Philly Fringe. She returns to the Fringe this fall in the relaunch of her solo show ONE WAY RED. Dani also makes the best chocolate coconut milk ice cream in Philadelphia.

Other Erstwhile Mediums (and the shows they worked on)

SOT=The Sea of TranquilityMTM=Meet the Mediums, NH=Nobody's HomeHOH=Hall of Haunts, OWR=One Way Red

The Late Vincent R. Abbot (HOH 2+3)

Alanna Bozman (HOH 4+5)

Dorie Byrne (MTM)

Sarah Gladwin Camp (SOT, HOH 1, MTM)

Amy Capomacchio (HOH 1, MTM)

Mal Cherifi (HOH 4+5)

Sebastian Cummings (HOH 3)

Stephen Dahmer (SOT)

Hannah De Keijzer (HOH 1)

Eppchez! (HOH 5, OWR)

Marcia Ferguson (HOH 2)

Dana Haberern (SOT, HOH 1+2+3+4, MTM)

Paloma Irizarry (HOH 4+5, OWR

Xtn Hansen (HOH 1+2)

Liz Hollon (HOH 3)

Kimya Imani Jackson (HOH 2, MTM)

Rebecca Kanach (HOH 2+3+5, MTM, NH, OWR)

Austin Kelley (HOH 4)

Lily Kind (HOH 5)

Jenson Titus Lavallee (OWR)

Eliza Leighton (HOH 4)

Daniel McNamara (SOT)

Kevin Meehan (HOH 5, OWR)

Ky Metler (HOH 2)

Lee Minora (HOH 3)


Chelsea Murphy (HOH 2)

Danial Park (HOH 4)

Jonathan Pfeffer (NH, HOH 3)

Eli Preston (HOH 4, OWR)

Brian Ratcliffe (HOH 1)

Magda San Millan (HOH 2)

Travis Sehorn (MTM)

Dani Solomon (HOH 3+4+5, OWR)

Suzy Varin (HOH 5, OWR)

Alie Vidich (SOT)

Ruby L.L. Voyager (HOH 2)

Elizabeth Weinstein (HOH 3+4+5)

Monica Wiles (HOH 4, OWR)