Dani Solomon, courtesy of Plate3 Photography. 

Dani Solomon, courtesy of Plate3 Photography. 


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(And we're running it DIY so more cents on your dollar go toward art instead of a crowdfunding company.)

The Medium Theatre Company was born five years ago when someone asked us to make a play. The ingredients were an old mansion, a famous astro-photographer, and the ghost of a young woman trapped by history. In that play, The Sea of Tranquility, we helped that woman escape her eternal prison by sending her to dance on the surface of the Moon. Now we are sending another to Mars.

ONE WAY RED was Dani Solomon's brainchild for the 2015 SoLow Festival. Based on an actual project that's reviewing applicants for a one-way mission to establish the first Martian colony, Dani took intimate audiences to her version of the Red Planet where she serenaded them with a ukulele and broke the chains of millennial monotony. The Mediums are now expanding that solo into a show of planetary proportions for three large events this fall. The first debuts at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in partnership with Panorama, an artists collective in West Philly who will transform their warehouse space into a series of Mars-inspired installations. The second embarks at Colgate University where the departments of theatre and astrophysics shall finally collide. And the third revisits Rutherfurd Hall in a remote corner of New Jersey, where Mr. Rutherfurd first pointed his telescope at the Moon 150 years ago and took an iconic picture

Support ONE WAY RED and we'll thank you with everything we've got: art you can wear on your sleeve, mixtapes to drive you mad, radio dramas of your own devising, or even a play in your very own home. Your help gets us to Mars and you might even tag along!


Morgan and Mason are now touring the solo show about vampires, vision loss, and ice cream all over the place. In July CONES packed crowds into a pair of haybarns in Vermont, and this fall it hits the university circuit. As the show continues to grow, it's been sparking a lot of laughter alongside new conversations among people with dis/abilities and their friends and families about the nature of dis/ability passing. Stay tuned for more CONES shows (most of them free!) in Philly and elsewhere, and if you'd like to bring CONES to your community, drop us a line.

ALSO: While in Vermont, Morgan was interviewed by Jackie Batten at WGDR. Listen to the broadcast here:

CONES  at Goddard College. Photo by Brenda Bowyer.

CONES at Goddard College. Photo by Brenda Bowyer.